10 things that take longer than a money transfer

Imagine if the bread earner is out in another place. Traditionally you would have to wait for a particular date in a month and follow some ridiculously long procedures to receive the funds. Today, mobile money transfer is the new buzz word.

Yes, you can now transfer funds from your mobile. How cool is that! One tap or one click and your money reaches its destination. Money transfer on mobile takes almost no time. Here are 10 things that take longer than your effort to transfer money from mobile to mobile:

  1. Applying nail polish: By the time you’re done painting all your nails, your money would’ve been transferred back and forth at least 4 times.
  2. Turning water to ice: No matter how advanced your freezer is, it is still not as quick as mobile money transfer.
  3. Giving your child a bath: No matter how obedient your child is, bathing them is not as easy as having your money transfer on mobile.
  4. 2G connection: A tricky one, considering you need internet to transfer money, but seriously, money runs through this wire transfer even before your page is done loading.
  5. Proposing to your beloved: You might be in love with them since forever, but the money transfer by mobile phone happens before you manage the courage to say “I love you”.
  6. Hop skip and jump: Taking the literal meaning out of this phase, by the time you jump, before you know it, your money has reached its beneficiary.
  7. Getting ready: Okay, this is more like a cheat point, as we all know pretty girls take forever to get ready no matter how awesome they already look. So money transfer through mobile wins hands down here!
  8. Taking a selfie: We all know the attempts that go into getting that one perfect selfie. By the time you are done with the trial and error way of getting that perfect picture, you’re free money transfer is already done.
  9. Shopping: Okay okay, another cheat point. But let’s assume the shopping is done by guys. Quick and easy, but still not as fast as money mobile transfer.
  10. Reading this article: So, you’ve finally reached the last part of this write up, had you initiated a money transfer through mobile, it would’ve gotten credited to the beneficiary the moment you began with point number 3!